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(Aperitif in French) The French call them aperitifs. The Italians, aperitivo. They are a delightful way to enjoy time with friends. The basic idea is the same as for what the iconic French chef at his eponymous restaurant often sends out to guests as a teaser before the appetizer – the amuse bouche. Amuse bouche […]

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“TWIST OFF” Closures

When I am out in the field making presentations to wine aficionados, it appears that questions about “twist off” closures (also known as “screw tops”) far out number questions on any other wine subject. There is almost never any winemaker dinner or tasting for the public where the question is not raised to wine professionals. […]

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Veedercrest’s winemaking roots can be traced back 130 years to a family farm in the Friuli region of Italy, where the great grandparents of Ron Fenolio, Veedercrest’s proprietor, owned vineyards planted to Pinot Grigio and Merlot.    Ron’s early years were spent no his Nonno and Nonna’s farm in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area of […]

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